New Territories Cycle Track Network (NTCTN)

The NTCTN covers an extensive area, starting from Ma On Shan, passing through Shatin, Tai Po, Fanling, Sheung Shui, Yuen Long and Tuen Mun, and extending all the way to Tsuen Wan.

It comprises two backbone sections with a total length of approximately 82 km and a branching off section of approximately 1km in Sam Mun Tsai, Tai Po under construction.

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The Tuen Mun to Ma On Shan backbone section (approximately 60 km) was fully opened in 2020

The Tsuen Wan to Tuen Mun backbone section (approximately 22 km) is being implemented in 4 stages:

Advance Works (also known as the Tsuen Wan waterfront section of approximately 2 km) was opened in July 2021

The implementation of Stage 2A Works (Tuen Mun to So Kwun Wat section of approximately 3 km) will be prioritised as planned

The 17 km final missing link comprises 2 parts:

Stage 1 Works

Tsuen Wan Bayview Garden to Ting Kau section

Stage 2B Works

Ting Kau to So Kwun Wat section

“Starting with the Simpler Tasks” Implementation Strategy

The proposed alignment of the cycle track between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun will route through places such as Ting Kau, Sham Tseng, Tsing Lung Tau, Tai Lam Chung, Siu Lam and So Kwun Wat. In order to allow the public to enjoy the proposed cycle track sections as early as possible, we have been adopting the “starting with the simpler tasks” strategy. Cycle track sections that involve fewer technical constraints and receive greater support are to be constructed first, while the remaining sections will be taken forward after the public engagement exercise. Owing to the complex site constraints, it is more challenging to construct the cycle track between Tsuen Wan and Tuen Mun than the other sections of the NTCTN. For example, at sections where space is limited, the proposed cycle track will necessitate the construction of cycle bridges, subways or retaining walls. In addition, some parts of the section between Tsuen Wan Bayview Garden and Ting Kau are proposed to be constructed along the seafront of the Victoria Harbour (the Harbour), and such construction works may need to comply with the Protection of the Harbour Ordinance (PHO). Therefore, we would like to collect comments / views during this public engagement exercise, in order to assess whether the reclamation works in the Harbour required for the construction of the Tsuen Wan Bayview Garden to Ting Kau cycle track section, which are regulated under the PHO, have an overriding public need, as well as formulating an implementation strategy for the cycle track between Ting Kau and So Kwun Wat.

Cycling Safety and Related Promotional Activities

We accord utmost importance to cycling safety. When we plan and design the cycle track, we make considerations in accordance with relevant guidelines to ensure the safety of cyclists and other road users, including offering suitable traffic signs, road markings and facilities (such as plastic speed reducing bollards) on the road, to remind cyclists to slow down at appropriate locations and changes in surrounding environment.

With the successive completion and opening of the new territories cycle track network (NTCTN), we have also carried out a series of cycle safety promotion activities to enhance the public's safety awareness when using the NTCTN.

In terms of the Tsuen Wan waterfront cycle track, cycling ambassadors have been arranged to station on site and patrol along the cycle track on a regular basis to provide public with cycling safety tips and promote cycling safety awareness and related etiquette.

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